Master is built around a group of professionals with 15 years of experience> in legal and financial advising and management. Our experienced and well-qualified lawyers are specialized in accounting, mortgage and records management, private and public documents, declarations and tax issues, etc. >We offer our services to banks, notaries, professionals, companies and individuals.

We have the experts, all the technical equipment, software and transport necessary for our team to find customized solutions and deliver the variety of services in the best way.

In order to meet the demands of our customers, we believe in quality, professionalism and personal care and therefore we constantly try to improve and upgrade our technical means to be able to provide high quality customer services.

We can proudly present an unblemished record in this sector - our guarantee to you - backed by the satisfaction of all customers who have trusted our firm through the years.

Consulting and Integral Management for your Business


We assist individuals as well as companies in all tax related matters to ensure that your tax obligations will be performed.

Community Administration

We handle everything related to the Community of Owners, Accounting as well as Administration. We can also set up the Constitution of Community for those communities that require this and we can arrange and call for General, Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings with attendance by specialized personnel.

Document Management

We undertake to fulfill the set of standards used for flow management for any type of company and provide recovery information.


Many legal formalities can become complicated for most companies. Our professionals specialize in all matters within this area.


Within this area, we help companies in all matters relating to the enforcement of labor management and social security.

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